Organization of WELS Lutheran Seniors (OWLS) - This group is for those of us who are fifty-five years old or older who want to get together for spiritual growth, nurture, outreach, service programs and activities; along with a delicious pot-luck meal.  Younger spouses are welcome.  The OWLS also help support the European Civilian Chaplaincy that serves WELS members in the military or whose work takes them abroad. Services include preaching, communing, baptizing, bible study, instructing, confirming, counseling, and seasonal retreats (Reformation and Easter). We have been meeting on the second Wednesday of each month at noon in the Church Fellowship Hall at Divine Word Evangelical Lutheran Church in Plover.  If you would like more information about the OWLS, please contact Pastor Fred Mutterer at 715-258-6028.

Past programs at our meetings have included a demonstration on Intarsia Woodworking, a presentation of the Lincoln Center Programs and Activities for Senior Citizens, games and Bentley the Therapy Dog. 

Activities have included attendance at the OWLS National Convention, a trip to our synod headquarters, the Mitchell Park Conservatory Domes, and Northwestern Publishing House, a trip to the Clauson Family Music Show and a picnic.