Church Library

Our church library provides many sources of Christian literature including children's books and videos, adult videos, Bible study materials, creation/evolution study materials, parenting and family self-help books, fiction for all levels, music CD's, biographies, and much more.  If you haven't checked out the library, we welcome you to do so. 

If there is an area you would like to see covered more thoroughly, or if you know of a book or video which would make a great addition to the library, please drop a note in Ann Parker's mailbox.  We want this library to be useful to all our members.

In addition, many thanks to those who have donated materials.  We all appreciate your willingness to share good materials with others and it helps our budgeted money to stretch further. 

NEW MATERIALS  (these are found on the shelves just below the check out cards)

     Videos - Robin Good And His Not So Merry Men - VeggieTales
                    Easter Carol - Veggie Tales
                    God Made Princesses In All Shapes And Sizes (Gigi series for young girls)
                    Beehaving Is Best -Hermie & friends series by Max Lucado

     Books - Longing by Karen Kingsbury
                   Leaving by Karen Kingsbury
                   Quiet Strength - life of Tony Dungy
                   Cast Of Characters, Lost & Found by Max Lucado
                   First Steps In The Bible by Stephen Elkins